Key Features of Contact Center as a Service

Enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Helps customers with more straight-forward concerns (e.g. checking an account balance or paying a bill) self-serve without using up the time of a live agent.

Omni-Channel Routing

Route incoming customer interactions to an agent with the optimal combination of idle time and appropriate skills, while also factoring in customer priority.

Agent Scheduling and Quality Assurance

Provides your front-line employees with the tools to evaluate and improve agent performance and ensure that agent staffing is sufficient to handle peak volume.

Dynamic Notifications

Allows you to send outbound voice, SMS and email notifications so you can contact your customers using their preferred method of communication.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Real-time dashboards monitor live activity. Custom and pre-defined reports track agent performance and queue activity metrics for strategic decision-making.

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Why choose a CCaaS solution?

Today’s contact centers are under pressure to contribute significantly to top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. That, along with the demand to deliver a winning customer experience strategy, can make contact center implementation a daunting task. To help our customers ensure that their contact center fully realizes all of its goals, ippbxHOST offers a leading Contact Center as a Service solution (CCaaS) combining the most robust suite of features with carrier-grade reliability and world-class deployment and support services.

Unlike traditional on-premises systems, ippbxHOST's Contact Center can be up and running within days, not months. Plus, you’ll always have the latest, most advanced contact center tools and technology at your fingertips. With no need for bulky on-site equipment, and with our experts with you every step of the way so your transition to the cloud is seamless.

We provide a best-in-class customer experience with a contact center solution that gives you superior reliability, along with easier adoption and faster, more accurate resolve times:

  • Support multi-site contact centers and remote agents
  • Centralized management from one portal, accessible anywhere, any time
  • Keep an eye on service levels, and analyze team performance by queue, team, or agent with real-time dashboards and historical reports
  • Easily manage customizable agent skillsets and statuses
  • Centralize the handling of web chat, email, and SMS in a single application
  • Enhance audience engagement with outbound dialing and advanced outreach campaign capabilities
  • Send out post-call surveys to measure satisfaction
  • Quickly and easily integrate with CRM and WFM systems
  • And much more...


Your data is private and protected in our secure cloud server


Every ippbxHOST service offers a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement


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