Why Hosted VoIP and why IpPBXHost? Hosted VoIP is both the future and also ready for prime time! – With the improvements in connectivity and network infrastructure, the time is now right for hosted VoIP.  If you are in relatively close proximity to one of our Data Centers and have a good connection, there is no reason not to jump to Hosted VoIP.
  • 10 Data Centers in the US!  With our network covering over 98% of the population in the US, chances are we cover your premise location with high quality and very low latency hosted VoIP services!
  • No hardware costs!  No more purchasing servers, configuring servers, transporting servers, moving servers and dealing with any of the physical aspects of owning equipment.
  • No server software costs!  No more worrying and purchasing licenses and upgrades for operating systems for your VoIP servers.
  • No server maintenance costs!  No more reactive or proactive maintenance on servers any longer.  No more paging you in the middle of the night for a server going down, or a drive failing, or any other issues.  Hardware failure, connectivity failure or facilities issues?  We take care of all of that…you can finally relax!
  • No more electricity or bandwidth charges!  With an average small server using $18.50 per month just in electricity, with some of our cheapest plans, you are already half way there just with the electricity charges each and every month!
  • Power backup?  Redundant connectivity?  Don’t have to worry about those either.  With your hosted VoIP service, if your power or connectivity goes out, just open the smart phone client for our Hosted PBX platform and you don’t miss a beat!
Ready to switch or try us out?  It is a very easy process.
  • Sign up for a plan – Click here and select the type of service and the plan.  Please note that we offer no risk plans with our service guarantee.  We also have one of the only financially-backed SLAs for Hosted VoIP in the industry.
  • Back up your existing 3CX installation and let us restore it on your new cloud server OR build an install from scratch.
  • Once your install has been set up, provision soft phones and desk phones and test.
  • Once you test and are happy with your service, just change your endpoints for your DIDs OR port your numbers to us and then you are done!
We have been in the hosting business for over 20 years.  Trust an industry leader.  Trust IpPBXHost!